Bee Happy Farm

We want you to "Bee Happy"!


We have many varieties of honey, but sell out fast! Please call or email for current stock!!

Varieties we currently have in limited supply are:   Blackberry, Wildflower, and Knotweed

Candles- Flower ball $16


This is the flower ball about a pound and  3 3/4 tall 

Fern Pillar $16

About 7 iches high and 2 1/2 wide

Candles- Fern ball $16

This is about 3 1/2 by 3 1/2

Pillars- assorted sizes and $




 The pillar with the bees is almost 3inches by 23/4  and is $8.50

 The other plain pillars are 3x3 at $10   and   3x5 at $16